Time And Energy Management

ways of working smarter not harder to influence speed, quality and enjoyment of your work and life

ABOUT time and energy management
Do you feel like you are constantly handling interruptions, being pulled in different directions and feeling too busy? You have the power to change this.

In this workshop, you will assess your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy levels, and evaluate these energy resources from a few different angles.

The strategies that you will learn can be easily implemented in your business and life to manage your energy and identify when you work best.
OUTCOMES from the workshop
  • Reality stocktake: Understand how you currently allocate your time and focus.
  • Understand the emotional bank account and how to manage your energy.
  • Introduction to effective time management and Eisenhower Matrix to help you prioritise.
  • Discover how you reframe the concept of being 'busy'.
  • Learn about Ultradian Rhythm's and how they relate to time, working smarter not harder.

"Habits are like financial capital – forming one today is an investment that will automatically give out returns for years to come."

Shawn Anchor