Are you Unlocking the Potential of your Leaders?

We consult with you to design and deliver an individualiSed Leadership program that enables A significant impact on your Leaders, teams and their performance.

An example of a 12 part program is below. This can be customised to suit your needs.

There is almost no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders, and continually develops them.

Leaders are invaluable when it comes to formulating and communicating business strategy. Ongoing leadership skills training are essential to making sure that leaders are on the right track. We will work with you to inspire and develop your leaders with relevant and engaging leadership programs.

We invite you to consider Luminate to be an extension of your business.

How our Leadership Programs work

To start, we discuss what success looks like for the leaders in your organisation.

What does great leadership look like in your business?

What skills do you need your leaders to have?

How do you develop future talent?

What could it look like in the future?

What do you want to achieve?
We take an honest look at your leaders, the depth of their experience and their capabilities.

How do your leader's skills match up to your leadership competencies? 

Using surveys, personality profiling and behavioural assessments, we are able to formulate an accurate picture of your existing leadership capability.

We compare this against the agreed definition of success and identify areas of opportunity for improvement.
Using proven neuroscience and psychology methods, we develop your leaders core skills, building on their strengths and addressing key areas of opportunity to launch long-lasting positive change.

This program may include us facilitating workshops, developing online modules, providing coaching and creating in house mentor programs.

Our Leadership Programs are bespoke and tailored to suit your organisations needs.

We work with your learning outcomes, time frames and budget to achieve your business and leadership goals.
Our Leadership Programs include a combination of facilitated workshops, executive coaching, immersion activities, and optional online programs to booster learning, the choice is yours.
  • Combine any of our development workshops as individual modules to create your program
  • Create your own unique modules. Give us a theme or a topic to work with or we can collaborate with subject matter experts in your business to design relevant modules
  • Workshops can be delivered face to face, virtually, or a combination of both
  • Executive coaching can be incorporated throughout the program for all participants
  • We offer debriefs with the senior leaders / HR / sponsor of the programs to deliver feedback on the participants attending the program
  • Programs include 'Peer to Peer' coaching for greater engagement, connection and accountability
  • We can assign projects for leaders to work on back in the business between workshops to embed learning
  • We can establish mentor programs within your organisation or connect leaders with others external to your business
  • We can include "Outside of the box" experiences, working with external businesses. Visit other organisations and build new networks that will inspire your leaders to innovate and challenge their thinking
  • Equip your leaders with online modules they can access in real-time
  • Invest in a "Leadership Library". Give your newest leaders and up and coming leaders access to development content and downloadable resources
  • Work with us to design your own branded library of content that can extend into your broader people and culture programs, including staff onboarding, employee engagement and leadership development
what our clients
have to say

“Before selecting Luminate, I did talk to a few other Mentors before finding Luminate and thethe difference was huge. Cherie asked great questions and quickly understood what my vision was for our Leadership academy.
We embarked on a number of design and collaboration sessions which were extremely productive. Cherie was open, curious, and listened to everything I needed whilst at the same time has a depth of knowledge and experience and was able to challenge my way of thinking whilst staying true to our company visions and values. Cherie shows up to every collaboration, consulting and workshop session as though she works with us at 99 Bikes and you can feel her passion and commitment to make a difference, as if it was her own business.
She has a unique balance where she can help to add logical structure to my ideas and shared other best practices to provide inspiration.
Cherie mentored me on all aspects from writing leadership content, to producing professional resources and engaging rollout communications.
I am so proud and grateful for all that we have created at 99 or our Leaders and future leaders thanks to Cherie and Luminate.”


Having been the beneficiary of Cherie’s training sessions in the past, I knew it would be a wonderful development opportunity for the Leaders in my organisation. Cherie did not disappoint; the response from every participant was overwhelmingly positive, as was the impact she had on our team, and skillsets as both individual and collective Leaders. Our Leaders and our people are without a doubt better for the sessions Cherie has delivered. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Cherie again in the future and in fact we very much hope to do so. One of the most engaging facilitators you can find to help take your leadership team to the next level.

Michelle Hillmann - Yarra Valley Water

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