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Reflect & Reset

Today, June 30 2021 marks the end of a full year of ‘pandemic’ conditions for us all. As the financial year comes to a close in Australia, almost every state is in lockdown and there is an undeniable air of uncertainty across our nation.
Cherie Canning
June 30, 2021

Life Audit

We are almost half-way through the year. Have you taken time to set your own goals and intentions for the year?
Cherie Canning
June 23, 2021


Recently, I came across a post on social media where someone asked, "What does Mindfulness mean to you?". Too many responses included words like "overused", "overrated" and "cliche".
Cherie Canning
February 6, 2021

Control, Influence & Accept

The lockdown in Queensland has me thinking about the new year ahead and how we approach life when we are faced with uncertainty.
Cherie Canning
May 21, 2020