Leadership Foundations 2-day workshop 6-7 August 24
Leadership Foundations

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We partner with you to deliver leadership workshops and programs that add immediate value to your organisation.

Backed by neuroscience and built with a deep understanding of people.

There is almost no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders, and continually develops them. Skills training are essential to making sure that leaders and people are on the right track. We will work with you to inspire and develop them with relevant and engaging workshops and programs.

We invite you to consider Luminate Leadership to be an extension of your business.

OUR Leadership Programs

Our programs are our signature offering, focused on partnering with your organisation and developing authentic relationships with your people.

Designed with your needs in mind, our programs include a combination of facilitated workshops, online learning, mentor programs and executive coaching.

OUR workshops

We deliver a wide range of engaging and practical In-person or virtual workshops that elevate the skills of your Leaders and their teams. Plus, if you're looking for something else, we can work with you to create a workshop just for you.

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what our clients
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We just can't stop booking sessions with Luminate, they're fantastic.
We are currently running 3 of Luminate's sessions in each state around the country and the feedback has been brilliant. Our people have found the sessions incredibly engaging, challenging and valuable. Cherie relates to people in a special way which is what produces amazing results.
She's extremely commited and a great communicator.


I reached out and engaged Cherie to facilitate a multi-day personality type’s workshop and strategic planning session with a group of Business leaders in my organisation, and I could not have been more impressed. I briefed Cherie on the outcomes I was trying to achieve at the outset, and Cherie ran with it and delivered an incredibly powerful session; spending time in advance to deeply understand our Business and team dynamics to help tailor the content for maximum effect.

Simon McNally - National Director at Cover-More Group

Our business in Asia has engaged Cherie on a number of occassions over the past few years to facilitate leadership workshops and conduct team leader training. Cherie is a passionate facilitator and her personal experience as a business leader created empathy and credibility with her audience. With her ability to understand our learning outcomes and thorough preparation, she was able to adapt the content and delivery to accommodate the cultural nuances of our Asian leaders and their varying levels of leadership maturity. Great use of real life examples from her own leadership experience coupled with an engaging style of delivery made Cherie one of our most sought-after facilitators. I would not hesitate to recommend Cherie to any business looking for a facilitator or coach to make an impact on leadership development.

suyin lee - managing Director at discova

Having been the beneficiary of Cherie’s training sessions in the past, I knew it would be a wonderful development opportunity for the Leaders in my organisation. Cherie did not disappoint; the response from every participant was overwhelmingly positive, as was the impact she had on our team, and skillsets as both individual and collective Leaders. Our Leaders and our people are without a doubt better for the sessions Cherie has delivered. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Cherie again in the future and in fact we very much hope to do so. One of the most engaging facilitators you can find to help take your leadership team to the next level.


Cherie is one in a million! Her passion, energy and dedication to help individuals and teams reach their full potential is phenomenal. Cherie works above and beyond the call of duty to create an experience to remember in her workshops. She has changed lives and transformed businesses. She is the most efficient and effective person I have ever had on my team.

Fiona Taylor - Senior Leadership Expert AT Flight Centre

Our staff were privileged to have Cherie Canning present a workshop on Team Building using Myers Briggs. Cherie explained the material with humour, clarity, and accuracy. She is an incredible presenter with a very personable style. The material was presented at the perfect pace for both beginners and those with previous knowledge of the subject matter. I especially appreciated how inclusive Cherie was. She encouraged active involvement and successfully kept participants on track.

Julia Druery - Director at little + CO

Cherie’s workshop was nothing short of brilliant. Cherie is warm, relatable, highly engaging and creates a truly safe place to share and reflect. She gave us the opportunity to pause for a moment and take a deep dive into the things that really matter; something that I find I seldom make time for in today’s fast-paced world. I left feeling motivated, empowered and energised, and perhaps most importantly – focused. Cherie is anything but your average presenter, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Emma Russell - Owner of Emma Russell Creative

We originally engaged Luminate Leadership to do a 'Conversations With Courage' course for a few of our business units and we were so impressed that we asked Cherie to facilitate our Senior Leader 2 day conference and also present an HBDI session for us as well.  Throughout the whole process, I found Cherie to be open, willing and exceptionally skillful.  The way Cherie was able to deliver a 2 day workshop with only a couple of briefing sessions was extraordinary.  Cherie utilised both her training prowess and business knowledge to navigate us through the 2 days with ease.  Her ability to both keep us on track, but offer humour and mastery all at once was second-to-none.  A very big thank you to Cherie and Luminate Leadership and we'll be looking for opportunities to engage with her again.

Julia Leary - Regional Director - APAC intelliHR

Cherie is a star! If your business is passionate about leadership and organisational development, you couldn't ask for a better partner to take you on that journey. As soon as we finished our initial engagement, we began looking at other areas we could invest in to foster growth in our people and teams. Cherie's engaging style, ability to connect on a personal level and understanding of her field delivered an enlightening and transformational experience for everyone involved. Cherie was born for this role! Thank you Luminate.

Mike Davis - CEO FELIX
A Podcast by Luminate Leadership

Cherie and Andy sit down with exceptional humans who embody the Lead with Courage value sharing their remarkable stories and insights that will ignite your own inner leader.

IGNITE conference

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