Profiling Tools and Workshops

There are a range of proven profiling tools available based on behaviour, thinking preferences and personality that we love at Luminate.Let us help you determine which option will be the best fit for you and your objectives.
DISC Behaviour assessment tool

DISC Behavioural Styles

Do you have a team who aren’t communicating effectively? Do you want to create an improved customer experience in a team? Or do you have a team who could simply work together better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment can help. A powerful tool for creating unison and understanding in a team, it provides an easy to use framework from which to improve critical aspects of business, including communication, relationships and leadership.

Based on concepts from behavioural science and psychology, DISC® is a self-assessment that measures both conscious and unconscious strengths and areas of opportunity for an individual. It enables people to build a deep understanding of their own needs and those of people they interact with.

If you want your staff to work well together, have self-awareness, be conscious of the effects of their behaviour on others, and be able to adapt their tendencies to be more effective in a team environment, DISC is for you.
  • Develop an understanding of natural behavioural tendencies, and an awareness of how behaviour affects others.
  • Learn to respect, appreciate, understand and value individual differences.
  • Improve the ability to build trust with clients and colleagues.
  • Develop the skills to adapt thinking and behaviour in order to be more flexible in a team environment.
  • Enables colleagues to build trusting relationships.
HBTI Thinking Preference Tool

Herrmann Brain Dominance.

Do you want to build stronger teams? Eliminate barriers that extinguish creativity and communication? Learn to navigate obstacles that effect team efficiency?

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (TM) is used by over one-third of all Fortune 100 companies, and in excess of two million people worldwide have undergone HBDITM analysis.

The HBDI identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking by profiling your preferred thinking style. Our thinking preferences impact almost everything we do from our communication to decision-making, problem-solving and management style.

The theory behind Whole Brain Thinking and the HBDI instrument teaches participants how to communicate effectively with those who think the same as you and those who think differently than you. Once an individual understands his or her thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved teamwork, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem-solving and many other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

HBDI(TM)helps organisations to improve individual and team effectiveness, productivity and communication, increase creativity and innovation to develop and sustain a competitive advantage, and increase performance and bottom-line results.
  • Understand the benefits of Whole Brain Thinking.
  • Understand how thinking preferences affect behaviours in planning, work and communication.
  • Learn the strengths and blind spots of each thinking preference, and how to communicate effectively to each.
  • Learn strategies to help you think more freely and openly to improve complex problem solving and creativity
  • Increase individual performance with quantifiable bottom-line results (each individual will be given their own tailored report, along with a manual to help you understand the results)
MBTI Personality Tool

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Do you want to create stronger bonds within a team? Do you want to encourage personal development and self-awareness in individuals in your team? Does your team need to work on greater acceptance and understanding of differences?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the MBTI® instrument can help your team. As the most widely used personality assessment in the world for organisations, it improves performance by helping individuals better understand themselves and others with a common language to explain differences.

This workshop will change the way you look at yourself and others by giving you an unparalleled understanding of why people are different. Based on Jungian theory, this personality profiling workshop will help you understand and appreciate your preference for taking in information, making decisions and orienting your life. The information in this workshop will deepen your self-awareness, reduce interpersonal conflict, and allow participants to build stronger relationships with friends, partners, customers and colleagues based on appreciation and respect.

Understand the role of ‘personality’ and how it shapes your lifeUnderstand the source of your energy and how to increase itUnderstand your own decision-making processDevelop a genuine appreciation for differences in others
  • Understand the role of ‘personality’ and how it shapes your life.
  • Understand the source of your energy and how to increase it.
  • Understand your own decision-making process.
  • Develop a genuine appreciation for differences in others.

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