'I’m a big believer, whether you’re a founder and CEO or in any other role, that you have to constantly grow. If you’re not growing you can get left behind.'

Jason Daniel, LSKD’s Founder and CEO.

WHAT WE facilitateD

The team at Luminate Leadership were engaged specifically to write and deliver a series of workshops for LSKD, ensuring aspects of each workshop were aligned to the famous LSKD values.

Everyone associated in the wider business, from the LSKD athletes to the senior Leaders, were included in the quarterly personal development Leadership program.


‘Luminate adapted content from our existing suite of workshops, as well as researched and created new modules, specifically for delivery in training sessions across the LSKD business’ said Cherie Canning, Luminate’s Founder and CEO.

In 2022, Luminate has created & delivered 4 workshops across the entire LSKD business, being:


‘I believe it is really essential when creating a Leadership program for your business, that you select a personality or profiling tool to use. That way everyone from the Senior Leaders, to the newest team member, can identify with a common language. LSKD selected the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) for their business. It is now so popular amongst the team, that when you walk into the beautiful LSKD HQ, there are HBDI ‘Brains’ (small anti-stress toys in the shape of a brain) on each desk, showing the ‘least preference’ of that person, which serves as a great reminder of our preferences and how we communicate with the wider team’ says Cherie Canning.


LSKD chose to decentralise the learning experience, by ensuring that those attending the workshops were from a mixture of different teams in the business. ‘It was really important to Jason to have the CEO, CFO or COO, sitting across from one of our newest team members, as this may be the only opportunity they get to meet, and share thoughts and ideas’ says Cherie.

Leading off with the 1% Better EveryDay workshop, Luminate delivered this to 5 cohorts for all of their employees (group size 10-16 per cohort).

This first workshop was such a success that it now forms part of the onboarding process at LSKD and these onboarding workshops are run quarterly to catch up the new team members who have joined the business. Subsequent workshops, such as Hungry Humble Smart and Chase the Vibe were delivered quarterly.

LSKD selected an off-site venue to run these small group workshops of 10-16 team members at a time. These workshops were facilitated quarterly, with back-up workshops on each subject run twice a year.

Regular debrief meetings are held between Luminate Leadership and LSKD to discuss & prepare future workshops, to support the growth and evolution of the LSKD business.